Selling Tips: Editing the Home

One of the best things you can do as a seller is edit your home to maximize open houses and showings.  Buyers need to see themselves living in your home and sometimes interior design differences or style preferences become an obstacle to potential buyers imagining their things in the house.  One of the first things I address with clients preparing to list their homes for sale is how they can edit their home.  Here are some of the helpful tips I share:

Purge: Less is more

Eliminate, store, and put away as many family photos frames, kitchen counter top appliances, as many small decorations and knick knacks as possible.  The more items around to draw the eyes of a potential buyers means the less opportunity for them to truly see and interpret the space they are in.  Here is an example of a kitchen where appliances were taken off the kitchen tops.

016-798105-printBefore the photo above was taken, the counters were home to a large toaster, coffee grinder, electric tea pot, wine aerator, french press pots, note pads and pens by the telephone, paper towel holder, and baskets. By putting those items away and clearing up the counter space the sellers emphasized how much space there is in this kitchen.  Potential buyers walking into the space noticed that.

Appeal to the Senses

Enhance corners of your house with scent sticks or candles.  Choose scents that are masculine and feminine, meaning not t0o cloying and not too sweet.  Mandarin is one example.  Alternatively, find a a scent that is relaxing such as lavender.  Some scents are expensive but last longer and come in beautiful vessels.  Lafco candles and home scents offer a great variety of scents and elegant in appearance.



Of course, there are very easy ways to scent the home that doesn’t involve expensive candles or scents.  In the kitchen you can boil cloves or cinnamon sticks prior to an open house or showing.  The smell will linger in the space and provide an appealing scent.

Everyone Loves Plants

A table top floral arrangement appeals to everyone.  They can brighten and dress up a room.  During open houses, when many people are quickly walking through spaces, a bright arrangement will catch the attention of visitors and draw them into a room.  For Miami, a great company providing gorgeous and playful floral arrangements is Kalla.  Check out their arrangements at  Kalla delivers these amazing boquets to your door in a beautiful box.  During my open houses I have placed these arrangements in the living and dinning room, keeping potential home buyers in the space longer and making them feel at home.


Kalla “Venus and Galileo Arrangement”


Flowers can get pricey.  Consider a nice small orchid, or a balled tree which can last for at least a year.

IMAG0163 IMAG0214


Keep shower stalls and bathtubs void of too many bottles and other things.  Relaxing scents especially help in bathrooms.

Curb AppealFirst impressions

Your home only has one chance at making the first impression of a future home on a potential buyer.  Spend a bit of time and money to spruce up the front of the home.  If you have a lot of bushes and tress in the front, consider having a service prune the branches and cut the hedges.  Perhaps plant some small flowers to provide some color.  Another easy option in tropical Miami is tie some orchids to tree trunks in the front of the home.  These are small touches that go a long way in getting the attention of a buyer before they have even walked through the front door.


Tree next to driveway of a recently sold listing: The sellers attached orchids to a gumbo limbo to provide some color to a lush green area.


Clean up and put away everything that you can.  Many times garage spaces seem smaller then they actually are because of the clutter that is scattered around.  Cleaning up and organizing a garage will give potential buyers piece of mind that they will have plenty of storage space for their cars and belongings in your garage.


Can be full but need to be orderly.  The container store sells great closet storage accessories and closet space organizers.  Remember that you want to emphasize the amount of space is available for a buyer’s things and not how little space there is for your own things.

Are you thinking of listing your home?  For information on what your home is worth and how to best prepare it for a successful sale, please contact me.  I would love the opportunity to help you.

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